Jane Doe

Date of death : 6/30/2012Place of death :
Funeral Location : Riverview Road Brookvail North Bay Date of funeral : 7/5/2012
Place of Burial : Riverview Road Brookvail North Bay - Plot No. -
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Spouse (Husband) Grant Doe
Children (Daughter) Milly Doe (Daughter) Sam Doe

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Jane will be remembered for being the most loving and caring wife to Grant and the most amazing and dedicated mother to Milly and Sam. She is the dearly loved daughter of Susan and Peter and special sister to Emily and Mike. 

Jane was passionate about the out doors and was never one to sit around and watch the flowers grow when she could be out there amongst them. It is so sad and hard to farewell such an amazing person, but those of us she touched in her short life will be honored forever. 

Unfortunately Jane you only lived a short life but you must be proud of all of the wonderful things you have achieved in that time. You were a dedicated wife and mother to Milly and Sam whom I know will miss you very much. We will keep living, traveling and enjoying life to remember you and all you gave us.

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Tracy Armstrong
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