Nadia Amini

Date of death : 2/5/2011Place of death :
Funeral Location : Selımıye Mh., Istanbul Date of funeral : 2/6/2011
Place of Burial : Selımıye Mh., Istanbul - Plot No. 263 -
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Spouse (Husband) Muhammad Amini
Children (Son) Majdi Amini

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סיפור חיים

My grandmother Nadia died during her sleep.

As a little girl, she was sent to  the local school here in the outskirts of Istanbul. Later, as was the custom, she married my grandfather who ran a small business to do with fabrics.

They lived their lives humbly in a small house in the city, and Nadia made it a grand home, where guests love to come and visit thanks to her welcoming spirit.

I know she is in heaven.

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Ahmad Amini

קשר לדף הזיכרון Grandson

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Ahmad Amini
Ahmad Amini