Margaret Gordon

Date of death : 9/8/2010Place of death :
Funeral Location : 2349 Cedar Crest Boulevard, Dallas Date of funeral : 9/9/2010
Place of Burial : 2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas - Plot No. 156 -
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Spouse (Husband) Larry Gordon
Children (Son) Chris Gordon (Son) Carl Gordon (Daughter) Anne Wiser

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My name is Anne Wiser and I'm Margaret Gordon's daughter.
we all loved my mother. All in all she had 15 grandchildren, and they all loved her. Since she lived in Texas and all her children lived in New York, we used to meet her every few weeks, sometimes months. Her husband, and my father, Larry, loved each other very much. Fights in their household were very rare. Whenever some of her grandchildren would come visiting, she would drop everything she was doing and come to play with them. She was a great person and we will never forget her. 

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Anne Wiser

קשר לדף הזיכרון Daughter


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Anne Wiser
Anne Wiser