Jacob Cohen

Date of death : 4/8/2011Place of death :
Funeral Location : 8 rue saint-Just 75017 PARIS Date of funeral :
Place of Burial : 8 rue saint-Just 75017 PARIS - Plot No. 352 -
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Spouse (Wife) Sara Cohen

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My father Jacob was born and raised in Paris, France.

Our family's business, a tailor shop, was handed down to him by his father. As a boy he didn't go much to school, he sat in the shop, learning the trade secrets from his father.

I don't know much about his life, but I do know he met my mother when she came into the shop one day, asking to repair a dress of her mother's. From then on she used several dresses as excuses to come and see him in the shop, and they eventually got married.

Most of my memories as a child revolve around the tailor shop in downtown Paris. My father was very good at what he did, but we never really had enough money. I didn't care though.

One day, two thugs came into the shop and demanded what little money he did have in registry. My father started arguing with them, presumably telling them that he wouldn't have enough money to feed his family. They shot him, took the money and fled. They were later arrested and imprisoned for several years.

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