Paul Smith

Date of death : 7/5/2005Place of death :
Funeral Location : 199 Bleecker Street, NY, NY Date of funeral : 7/8/2005
Place of Burial : 72 East 1st Street, New York - Plot No. 243 -
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Spouse (Wife) Laura Smith
Children (Daughter) Kate Smith (Son) Dave Smith
Siblings (Brother) Norman Smith

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Paul was born and raised in Newport, NY, a small town no one has ever heard of.

After graduating from high-school, he was accepted into NYU and started learning chemistry and other sciences. He loved learning, so it wasn't a big surprise (as my mother says) that he completed his studies with honors.

My father met my mother Laura during his university years, and they got married very soon after they graduated from NYU.

This is about the time they had me, and two years later my baby sister.

In the late 1950's he started working for several companies, one after the other, while finally settling in with TCI Chemicals Inc, where he worked for about thirty years, when he finally decided to retire.

From then on he and my mother had a wonderful time travelling abroad every six months, every time to different destinations.

The end came with a blow for us all, as Paul was a healthy man. He was buying something in a shop in the Bronx, when he had a stroke. He was driven by ambulance to the nearest hospital, but they couldn't save him.

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