Simon Caun

Date of death : 7/22/1942Place of death : אושוויץ

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Camps אושוויץ

Born AmsterdamLived Amsterdam

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,Simon Caun, son of Rika Caun-Leezer and Salomon Caun, born on 20-3-1926 was called up for work duty by the Germans in June 1942. He went by train to Westerbork, dressed up in a suit and tie, hoping to get a good job, on 20 July 1942.
Upon arrival in Westerbork, he was put immediately on the Auschwitz transport, where he arrived around 7 PM on 22 July 1942. He was not registered at the camp, meaning he was taken out of the train, rushed to the gas chambers and murdered on the spot.
Two years ago, after investigating, we found his name on the specific transport list.
His only surviving sister, Betty (my mother) knows her little brother was murdered by the Germans in Auschwitz on the 9th of Av in 1942, the same date our Temple was destroyed by the Romans in the year 70 BC.
May his memory be blessed.

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