Anna Ausubel

Date of death : 9/9/1942Place of death : Theresin

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Born Hutta DeregowskaLived Stuttgart

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My Grandmother, Anna Ausubel, daughter of Zvi Knopf, was born in Galicia –Poland. At the beginning of the 20th century she immigrated to Stuttgart-Germany with her husband- my Grandfather Kalman Ausubel and their children. Giving birth to more children in Stuttgart, altogether they had eight children. The eldest son Isidor Ausubel was killed during the 1st world war (1916), as an Austro-Hungarian (K.U.K) officer, in the battles against Russia in the Polish-Russian front. Following his fall, my Grandmother fell into a deep depression disabling her from functioning at home for nearly a year. In 1935, my Grandfather died following a short illness thus leaving  my Grandmother a widow for the rest of her life.    

Since the rise to power of the Nazi regime in Germany in 1933, followed by harsh anti-Jewish draconian decrees, Jews started to flee from Germany in growing numbers to wherever they could acquire visas. Some of my Grandmother's children were lucky to escape in due time, among them my Father, who achieved a certificate to then Palestine. Unfortunately, my Grandmother and some of her children faced cruel fate. In November 1938, unexpectedly, all Jewish males in Germany possessing Polish citizenship, were exiled within one night across the border to Poland. Among them were two of my Grandmother's sons, her son in law and her Grandson (see Herman Fortgang's memorial page).  The women who were abandoned,  moved in with my Grandmother to her house. In summer 1939, the deportees to Poland were allowed to return to Germany for a short period of time in order to liquidate their businesses. Upon the outbreak of the 2nd World War on September 1st, all Polish born Jews living in Germany became citizens of a hostile country, resulting in the arrest and incarceration of  my Grandmother's son - my uncle Sally in Buchenwald (read his memorial page). On March 26th 1942, My Grandmother , living alone was forced to move to a "House of Jews" in Tigerfeld in the neighborhood of Stuttgart. On June 1942, Grandmother received an urn containing the ashes of her son Sally who died in the camp of Ravensbrueck.  According to post- war testimony, she was accompanied with a few Jewish men to bury the urn nearby.       

On August 23rd 1942 Grandmother was deported to Theresienstadt where she passed away on September 9th the same year .

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